Bienvenue dans notre hôtel privé, à votre service depuis 1914...

Emplacement paisible, à 3 km de la vieille ville...

How to reach us:
The hotel is located approximately 3 kilometres from the Old City, on the peninsular of Lapad, in the Gruz harbour, across the bay from the main port of Gruz and the main bus station. If you arrive in Dubrovnik by plane you can get a shuttle bus (a bus stop is located in front of the airport building of Dubrovnik Airport) to the main bus station in the port parking. The ride will last approximately 40 minutes. From the port of Gruz you will need to take a taxi to Hotel Lapad. The taxi ride only lasts for around 5 minutes.

Hotel has private parking place,daily ticket is 10 euro.

Does the Hotel Lapad offer incoming and outgoing transfers?
Yes, the hotel has agreed a transfer service; all you need to do is submit the information about your flights. You have to pay for the transfer service directly on our hotel reception and the prices are as follows:

Airport- hotel

• limo 1 - 3 people = 50 euro
• van 4 - 7 people =  63 euro 

Hotel - airport

• limo 1 - 3 people = 46 euro
• van 4 - 7 people =  60 euro 

The hotel is not responsible for any change in prices

If you are traveling by car and arriving from the direction of Split, after crossing the Dubrovnik Bridge and arriving in the port of Gruz you will need to follow the signs to "Hotel Lapad."
If you are arriving in Dubrovnik by boat or if you are arriving at the main station you can take a taxi to the hotel. The taxi ride will last for around 5 minutes.
From the Old City of Dubrovnik to the hotel you can catch the local bus number 6.
The bus stop is for Hotel Lapad is only a few steps from the hotel.
If you prefer to walk it is around 3 kilometers from the Hotel Lapad to the Old City. This means around a 45 minute walk from the hotel to the city.