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...history of the city

Dubrovnik is a city, a onetime republic, which has had its present and its future shaped by its long and wealthy past. From the time of the Dubrovnik Republic and the golden age of the princes, through the famous Dubrovnik aristocratic families Menčetić, Gundulić and Sorkočević whose estates and summer homes we have the chance to admire today. A city shaped through trade with distant lands, shaped by a devastating earthquake in 1667 that brought Dubrovnik to its knees. This is a city built on diplomacy, a proud city, an unconquerable city. From 1358 to 1808 Dubrovnik was a republic, a republic city. After that, the city fell under French rule for a short time and then later was part of the Habsburg Empire, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the Independent Croatian State, communist Yugoslavia and finally Croatia. During the war, many monuments of inestimable cultural importance suffered damage in the city; however the spirit of Dubrovnik failed to break. The world famous Dubrovnik City Walls are located in eighth position on the list of the tourist website “Tripadvisor” and USA Today declared Dubrovnik the fourth most beautiful city in Europe.