COVID - 19

Following the Croatian Public Health Service recommendations, Hotel Lapad has defined measures to be implemented in order for our clients to have the safest and most comfortable holiday with us.

Mandatory use of masks in all indoor areas of the hotel.


  • 1,5 m social distance
  • Furniture placed in a way to ensure 1,5 social distance
  • Information about keeping social distance, maximum number of persons in particular areas, hand washing, use of disinfectant products and other hygienic measures available through all areas
  • Use of safety equipment for employees
  • Frequent space ventilation
  • Daily temperature check of all employees
  • Possible temperature check of guests during check in
  • Disinfectants places in all public hotel areas according to recommendations
  • Additional disinfectants placed in staff area
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of public areas such as reception, lobby bar, restaurant, elevator, stairs, halls, terrace, pool and sanitary facilities
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of areas such as reception desk, elevator control panel, door handles, arm chairs, hand holders, staircase
  • Increased number of employees taking care of cleaning and disinfection
  • Use of elevators allowed for 2 persons maximum with distance except when families are in question
  • Gloves, masks, thermometer and paper tissue available on request
  • Special air purifier that contribute to reduction of harmful particles placed in corridors
  • All employees had training and education in COVID 19 handling
  • Procedure developed in case there is a suspicion on COVID 19 infection



  • Increased cleaning and disinfection of rooms, particularly touching surfaces such as door knobs, A/C and lights control panel, TV remote control, bathtubs and taps, telephone
  • Hotel directories and notebooks removed from rooms in order to prevent contamination. All information available in digital form via QR code
  • Additional pillows removed from room and available on request
  • Informational flyer containing number in case of infection suspicion
  • Cleaning and disinfection frequency possible to arrange following guest's wishes
  • Additional disinfection tissues in all rooms
  • No contact room service provided, delivery to room door




  • Tables placed to follow social distance rule of 1,5 m
  • Mandatory cleaning and disinfection of each table after use
  • Menus and price list replaced with one-time use paper examples. Detailed offer available in digital version
  • Food and beverage services adapted to the measures
  • Additional disinfection tissues available on each table
  • Increased control of hygiene and quality (HACCP,..)
  • Self-service not allowed, waiters will serve each guest with adequate safety gear
  • Increased kitchen and cutlery disinfection
  • Delivery entrance allowed following measures



  • Sunbeds place to follow 1,5 m distance, except when families are in question
  • Frequent disinfection of pool area and equipment
  • Mandatory shower before use of pool


Should there be any changes, there is a possibility of implementing new measures.

Hotel Lapad Management